Fashion Photographer Uses Toy Camera In Fashion Shoot | Digital Trends

Because photography isnt just about what you use, its how you use it, and that is what fashion photographer Lara Jade did in Hong Kong as part of DigitalRev TVs Cheap Camera Challenge. During a six-hour layover in Hong Kong, Jade, a New York City-based photographer who shoots for global clients, was challenged to capturecouture fashion models with the An Pan Man (, for those who read Japanese) 0.3-megapixel camera, a toy camera based off of a cartoon character with a bread bun for a head; it is the kind of thing you mightfind for cheapat a Toys R Us in Asia. She was allowed to dress up the models with expensive clothes and makeup, and came up with ninephotos of three different looks within the short amount of time in Hong Kong.She did use AlienSkin Exposure 7 to process the tones of the photos, so what you see is not just the work of the camera. In two of the photos she shot through a drinking glass for a mild warping effect. DigitalRev Jadesthoughts on using the An Pan Man? Never trust cameras that need AA batteries, and she disliked the tiny viewfinder [as well as] the fact that it wanted to compliment the models in Japanese before it even took the shot. The shutter had about a three-second lag after pushing the button (in order to compliment the subject first, of course.) Her strategy composed of making what was outside of the camera as good as possible, [relying] on the team and model to inspire me throughout the shoot. She focused on making the model striking against the background, whether by compliment or contrast.

Fashion show to benefit Soroptimist programs, Vista Maria –

Soroptimist International is a global volunteer organization working to improve the status of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment. The fashion show will feature Traffic Jam Boutique styles. The evening will include a silent auction and raffles. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. Dinner will be served at 6:15 p.m., and the fashion show will begin at 7. Tickets, which are $35 per person, include dinner and the show. A cash bar will be available.

Fashion Police: Lost for words | Boston Herald

1 Ivana Martini So you wont see me swanning onstage during tonights Grammy Awards show, but trust me morsels, you will someday. I mean, if Sen. Elizabeth Warren can glean a Spoken Word nom for her memoirs, surely I should get a nod for my scintillating voice mails? It started when I left my manners in my other purse and audibly guffawed at the sight of Zabaglione Brahms new ballgown. Appalled at my gall, I fled the scene and left the following mea culpa on her phone: Dahling, sorry for the outburst I was so stunned by your fashion forward choice so brave that I went into some sort of style trance. Had no idea what I was doing.

Fashion Week says yes to this dress

Ten 4-Hers will show off their designs at the event in March. Im excited, Ruhnke said about the idea of modeling her dress, though she admits to being a little nervous. She has been a member of the Lindsay Leaders 4-H group for about five years and done a few clothing projects in the past, like making a skirt out of jeans and a T-shirt into a dress. Lynn said her daughter doesnt have much patience for sewing. This years project required no thread or needle. All that was used were strips of ribbon, hot glue, a little Velcro and hundreds of plastic bottle caps. We had to buy a lot of hot glue and a lot of ribbons, Ruhnke said, adding that the most difficult part was sometimes burning herself with the glue.

NY Fashion Week branches out beyond Lincoln Center | Page Six

Fern Mallis, the creator of New York Fashion Week , is prepping to run all over town for the Feb. 12-19 fest. Theyre all over the place, including Brooklyn, she said of the show schedule. I respect designers decisions to show someplace clever or interesting, but it makes it difficult for everybody whose job it is to see as much as they can. Its like the Wild West again, navigating Fashion Week. Mallis is looking forward to seeing what happens next season when the shows leave Lincoln Center.


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