Throw Caution To The Wind: 10 Fashion Rules To Break | Styleblazer

Dont wear white after Labor Day, dont wear this if youre too short or that together, the list goes on. But weve never been one to follow the rule it doesnt make for an interesting life. To send off summer, we propose you start breaking all the fashion rule your wardrobe will thank you. Click through the next pages for 10 fashion rules you should start breaking and the fab blogger and celebs that already are! 1

FTW vs. WTF: The TV Week in Review (August 17–23) – Yahoo News

Garner’s widow, Esaw, also urged a peaceful march, saying she is now too afraid to let her sons go outdoors. She asked marchers to “get justice” for her husband. Protesters walked alongside dozens of police officers in parade gear, including polo shirts and pants. There were also officers in formal blue uniforms, but none had riot gear. View gallery Esaw Garner, left, arrives at the spot where her husband Eric Garner died with The Rev.
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Young Indian shakes up fashion with prints and pret – Yahoo News

tells me that this is going to be the next big thing. Luckily I know it before anyone else does,” she told AFP at her flagship “Masaba” store in Mumbai’s trendy suburb of Juhu. The daughter of West Indies cricket legend Viv Richards and Bollywood actress Neena Gupta — who shared a relationship in the 1980s — the young designer said many people “write me off as a product of my parents and social media”, but her clothes appear to be challenging the critics. Alongside the rise of her eponymous brand, Gupta was in 2012 appointed the youngest creative director for prestigious ethnic wear label Satya Paul — a rare move in the world of Indian fashion houses, which tend not to hire big outside names. From lipstick patterns to the Tamil script, her unconventional trademark prints have proved so popular that counterfeits have flowed into the market, spurring her recently to set up the more affordable “Masaba Lite” line for teenagers. It is an impressive CV for someone who stumbled into fashion because no other college courses were still open — “I had nothing else to do,” admitted Gupta over tea in her store, dressed in high-street culottes and gold sandals. – Too much bridal – Attending catwalk shows as a student, she found Indian fashion “was running at this really slow, stale pace” with an evident gap in the market.

Thousands turn out for rally over chokehold death – Yahoo News

This is dumb, awful television at its best. YOPO! FTW: FXX’s full-series The Simpsons marathon View gallery . There is literally something to watch on television AT ALL TIMES right now, as FX’s little sister works through the animated series’ golden years as part of its 552-episode binge. Enjoy it while you can, before the marathon hits Season 13 and the show starts devolving into its current state.


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