Pop Star Iggy Azalea Talking Fashion On Mtv – Msn Music News

“House of Style” ran on MTV from 1989 to 2000 and was briefly revived online last year. Azalea will do the same thing this summer, starring in a series of Web-only shows visiting vintage clothing stores and talking about the connection between music and fashion. The Web episodes will begin appearing on Aug. 4. Copyright 2014 Associated Press. All rights reserved.
Source: http://music.msn.com/music/article.aspx?news=879124&gt1=28102

NBA Week in Review – Yahoo Sports

Joakim Noah had a breakout season and theres no doubt people will be overpaying for him in October. The Bulls have to drop his minutes this upcoming season and theyre playing with house money after he stayed healthy. Noah had a slew of injuries before last season and I wouldnt spend a top-20 pick on him. Taj Gibson is a huge loser from the Gasol news. Hes likely going to get less run than perhaps even last year.
Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nba-week-review-212200989–nba.html

Kate Middleton put this Singapore retailer on the map

We saw it already in a dark, moody picture released by director Zack Snyder via Twitter Twitter , but here is a nice, clear look at it, courtesy of Modern Myth Medias Sean Gerber , who supplied these photos exclusively for me at Forbes. Thanks, Sean! Batman cowl and cape at San Diego Comic Con, 2014. Photo by Sean Gerber. Take a look at the back, too Batman cowl and cape at San Diego Comic Con, 2014. Photo by Sean Gerber.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/markhughes/2014/07/24/batman-v-superman-batsuit-revealed-at-comic-con/

Weird Al Yankovic Mandatory Fun Billboard Number One Interview – TIME

Then, as of Wednesday, his situation changed: Mandatory Fun officially became Yankovics first album to top the Billboard chart. I didnt think this was an option for me, he tells TIME. I thought there was a glass ceiling for comedy albums. The last time a comedy album topped the Billboard charts was over half a century ago. But that doesnt mean his plans are changing. The success of Mandatory Fun doesnt mean hell stick with the album-centric way of releasing music. I continue to think http://www.chicemma.com/ the same things that I thought prior to the album going to Number 1.
Source: http://time.com/3031183/weird-al-hitting-number-1-doesnt-change-plan-to-stop-making-albums/

‘Batman V Superman’ Batsuit Revealed At Comic-Con – Forbes

Today, the label is available in 25 countries, including fashion capitals Paris, London and New York, but venturing beyond Singapore hasn’t been easy as design emanating from Southeast Asia was almost unheard of four years ago. Read More Analysts slash forecasts for Singapore 2014 growth “Nobody really believed that [Raoul] could work. We had to step back and re-pitch ourselves because many people from regional markets look at it and said: ‘From Singapore? Well, this has to be a cheap brand!'” Mr. Benjamin recounted.
Source: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101865833?__source=yahoonews&par=yahoonews


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