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And then there is the agenda to up Marimekko’s fashion cred. Fashion Forward As much as design nerds love Marimekko, the brand is still seen as a niche offering: something that only a particular sort of person with a particular sort of taste would buy. Ihamuotila seems to understands his limits–and potential–when it comes to housewares. But fashion is more of a crapshoot. And while the dresses and separates currently available in Marimekko stores are cute in a retro sort of way, the silhouettes feel a little staid. To fix that, Ihamuotila hired fashion hotshot Anna Teurnell as its creative director.

Red is a color more associated with Valentino than Chanel, but Lagerfeld used it in abundance on Tuesday, whether in a sensible jacket with stand-away collar and flared skirt cut above the knee or a party dress sewn from what appeared to be hundreds of shimmering and fluttering red blossoms. An evening gown with Jetsons-like shoulders and exaggerated hips was lavishly embroidered with ruby red beads that looked like they were ripped from the interior of a pomegranate. The bodice of another was made from neoprene, a synthetic rubber that creates a starched-like formal look: “The same dress made in a normal satin duchesse looks dowdy,” Lagerfeld said. The opulence of the gowns that made their way down the catwalk was dizzying. They raised the question, are there really enough fabulously wealthy women in the world who can buy these? A host of new money from Asia, Russia and the Middle East has helped prop up haute couture, considered the height of French fashion, in which gowns are sewn by hand and to measure.

View gallery A model present a creation for Christian Dior during the 2014/2015 Haute Couture Fall-Winter collect “What I was attracted to was… how the foundations of one era are based on another, how the future is based on the past.” Along with Dior’s own archive of designs, the collection was also influenced by 18th-century “court coats”, big skirts and 1920s loose flapper dresses. “It felt more modern to go to the far past, not the ‘modernised’ look of the last decade,” he added. The result was embroidered silk jumpsuits, wool coats with rounded shoulders and oversized cape-like collars and jackets with pleated backs. Simons kept mostly to a palette of pale green, pink, off-white, black and navy. But there were bold colours too, such as an electric-blue embroidered silk dress and a bright-red wool jacket. A model presents a creation for Christian Dior during the 2014/2015 Haute Couture Fall-Winter collec Simons’ has repeatedly focused on the theme of modernity in recent collections.

Can Marimekko Go From Cult Design Brand To Fashion Empire? | Co.Design | business + design

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