Fashion Secrets Of A ‘real Housewife’

The showcases Thursday, Friday and tonight also feature designers from as far away as Russia and several from San Francisco. Thursdays boutique show in the cavernous auto museum offered local clothing shops a chance to expand their audience. Chipotle Mexican Grill provided the nibbles, and martinis were served in plastic cups. There were some hiccups. The large velvet-roped VIP area left little room for non-VIP guests to navigate the pre-show party area. And Trumpette designer Stevenson, who is also a sponsor of Fashion Week, left in a huff, unhappy with his seat allotment.

Prada Iconoclasts The invitation said Harlem Renaissance, and the gin and bubbly were flowing at Prada’s newly renovated shops on via Montenapoleone. The pair of stores, men’s and women’s, were finished in September but only formally inaugurated in the presence of the fashion crowd. Live jazz wafted through the menswear store where a billiard table and card games were set up to suggest the back room to the Harlem Club — which was the women’s store down the block. Prada no doubt wants to keep its customers feeling indulged. The Prada Group this month reported that sales in its stores rose 12 percent last year to nearly 3 billion euros ($4 billion) — the lion’s share of its overall 3.6 billion in sales.

Nobody cares, they wail! What frustrating lives these people must lead if they think the only subjects that should be covered are ones in which they have an interest. My own interests are exceedingly narrow 80s films; 90s TV; the novels of Curtis Sittenfeld and Melissa Bank ; the essays of David Foster Wallace , David Sedaris and David Rakoff ; my dog but even shallow ol’ me accepts that other people have different interests. Furthermore, these people have as much right to find coverage of their subjects as I do of mine. Yes, Iwish there was more coverage of Saved By the Bell in this paper and, yes, I do find it frustrating that valuable newspaper real estate that could be devoted to the greatest hits of AC Slater is instead given over to coverage of unimportant things such as football but I deal with it, because I know other people are interested in football. So what I’m saying here is: try to develop some empathy and accept not everyone is interested or uninterested in the same things as you.

Just give men a few good suits, some shoes to go with them plus a few cool toys and theyre happy. Toss in a scantily clad young actress or two and men will sit and stare for hours. As for size, GQ is the biggest at 210 pages, Details has 204 and Esquire 184. But sometimes its not the size but what you do with it. We always liked Esquire because it tried month after month to outstretch its rivals . Marchs Style issue Editor David Granger does it again with plenty of real world fashion shot on guys we wouldnt mind having a cocktail with. A first-person account, albeit a conceptual rehash, of trying to find the perfect pair of jeans is a nice touch.

Dressing Up Like Lupita Nyong’o: From the Fashion Icon Herself

But Richards is moving away from her recognition as a controversial Bravo-lebrity, and is making her foray into the fashion realm with a new clothing line aptly named Kyle by Kyle Richards . The 45-year-old reality star has teamed up with HSN to launch a series of pieces inspired by her own style. The eight-piece collectionwhich includes jumpsuits, frocks, and moto-jackets that seem straight out of Richardss closetwill launch February 25. Putting Housewives talk aside, Richards talks about her fashionable childhood, dressing when you have four children, and whats next on her fashion radar. Since you opened your store [Richards owns Beverly Hills boutique Kyle by Alene Too] in late 2012, do you think designing was a natural progression for you in terms of a career in the fashion industry? Yeah, I do. I have always loved clothing and fashion and it was just a natural progression, with opening the store and now this.

As a breakout star from this years Oscar-nominated film, 12 Years a Slave, Nyongo has caused quite a stir for her red carpet style. Its been amazing, andvery surprisingand definitely fun to be embraced in that kind of way, Nyongo told ABC News Robin Roberts in an interview for the ABC special, Countdown to the Oscars. Watch the full ABC Special, Countdown to the Oscars, Thursday, Feb. 27 at 8 p.m. ET When asked to give any hints as to what ensemble she plans to wear for the 2014 Academy Awards, Nyongo said, Mums the word. But Nyongo did share some observations on her favorite looks. At the 2014 Golden Globes in a Ralph Lauren Gown: I loved wearing that dress, Nyongo said.


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