9 Outfits Miley Cyrus Wore This Year That Were Actually Pretty Great

Kylie Jenner gets the full ‘girlfriend treatment’ as Jaden Smith clasps gold chain around her neck during shopping spree The bright flash of colour provided by her upper-half was tempered by the semi-sheer sweater she used to complete her look, while her flaxen hair was tied into a single plait that hung across her right shoulder. Like her husband, Heidi was clearly hoping for a discreet entrance beneath her white baseball cap, but the distinctive clash of colours made their entrance all the more noticeable. A clash of colours: Spencer and Heidi went for wildly contrasting outfits during their latest outing in Los Angeles In the pink: Heidi wore a hot pink T-shirt, but its garish hue was tempered by the semi-sheer sweater she wore over the top Don’t mind us: The couple attempted to make a low-key entrance at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday Their appearance comes shortly they announced plans to appear in a new E! special next month. The couple will talk about their rise to fame on cult MTV show The Hills and subsequent fall from grace following the shows cancellation in forthcoming documentary After Shock: Heidi & Spencer, to be aired on December 9. Spencer has since enrolled at the University of Southern California, where hes studying for a political science degree, and he adopts a realistic opinion of life beyond the reality TV bubble.
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How to Remix Your Wardrobe for the Holidays: 6 Pieces, 14 Outfits

1 golfer in the world has taken in a sporting event, and it’s also not the first time he has rocked a questionable outfit. As you see above, Tiger is wearing the baggy jeans, the puffy coat, and a beanie, a far cry from the current “fitter is better” way of fashion. That was Sunday, but we figured it was a perfect time to look back at Tiger’s outfits over the years. View gallery . Getty Images At the 2012 Fiesta Bowl, Tiger was a part of the coin flip, and he did so in a pair of what some are calling “mom” jeans and a white golf belt. Interesting combination for sure.
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Logan outfits new technology to improve flight safety

This has happened a number of times Ill be out and about with my team promoting our games and hand a pamphlet to a guy in a sports jersey. His wife then promptly whisks in, grabs his wrist and pulls him away, simultaneously taking said pamphlet, screwing it up and throwing it in the bin in disgust leaving me (a happily married, educated woman) feeling like a bit of a prostitute, for lack of a better word. Thankfully thats not always the story, and I always love winning over female fans. Sometimes it takes watching a game for people to appreciate the skill and athleticism of the players. We dont just whack on a bikini and have a pillow fashion dresses fight, we train hard and hit hard. The thing I dont understand is that its ok to wear a bikini on the beach, its ok to wear lingerie on the catwalk (like Aussie sweetheart Miranda Kerr), its ok to wear a small uniform in a beach volleyball court and its ok to wear a skimpy uniform on the sidelines cheerleading at a footy game.
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In many cases, one of the benefits of being the first is that all the competitors were very aggressive in terms of pricing to get this project, Fux said. Boston ended up choosing us as the one most suitable for their airport. As with any other product, the early adopters have the benefit of getting it for a special price. Xsight Systems officials said they hope the success at Logan Airport will encourage others to adopt the technology. We definitely see traction with more airports now, outside Boston, that are looking at the reputation that Boston has, he said. [They are] coming over to take a look at the system and are definitely interested, going forward, in installing those systems as well. Several residents said the improved technology will make the airport more efficient and cut back on delays between takeoffs.
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Her resulting in-your-face look has been polarizing, to say the least. But don’t toss her in with the attention-grabbing Lady Gagas and Ke$has of the world just yet — the young lady has actually had some elegant, toned-down fashion moments this year. Chic jumpsuits, well-played crop tops and muted designer duds, courtesy of Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Proenza Schouler, all rounded out her 2013 wardrobe amid all of the sheer numbers and pantslessness . Herewith, nine outfits you probably didn’t realize Miley wore this year. The woman’s style is still pretty polarizing: Loading Slideshow
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It turns an ordinary wardrobe into an amazing wardrobe and can transform a handful (or several handfuls) of pieces into hundreds of different outfits. During the holidays, when were attending holiday parties with friends, for church and for work, there are lots of opportunities to wear fun outfits, but who has time or money to find a new great outfit for each event? Its so much easier to have a few great pieces and then remix them a bunch of different ways so you have a fresh and festive outfit for every occasion. Ive taken six pieces in my closet (find out where you can buy them below!) and created a variety of looks, ranging from casual to dressy, but all equally fabulous and festive.Watch the story below to see how you can style these 6 pieces 14 different ways, and get some inspiration for your own holiday party looks! Heres where you can find my 6 pieces to create your own holiday looks:
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