‘hard Hats And High Heels’ Gala A Hit

;D I would just like to say how comfortable my heelless shoes are to wear, Im actually better at walking in them than I am in stilettos or even flipflops!. If you look at the shoe, its basically a wedge with a chuck cut out, so it provides you with more than enough support for walking, dancing and everything else. kat4283 about4monthsago I refuse to wear shoes I cant run in. The only pair of heels I wear are a pair of lace-up victorian-style 2-inch heels, which dont hinder me too much, actually. kallim and thinks its LOL about4monthsago JoanneChack and thinks its LOL about4monthsago ballsballsballs and thinks its Fail about4monthsago elvisdepressley and thinks its Cute about4monthsago Stylishriot and thinks its Fail about4monthsago Elizabeth Chandler and thinks its Unbelievable & OMG about4monthsago herbertn about4monthsago Id really like to know what the black and white clip of the woman falling down is from.
Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/erinchack/how-high-heels-went-from-menswear-to-womens-torture-device

High Heel Workout: High Fun or High Danger?

With high heels carving out an ever-increasing portion of a nearly $195 billion global footwear market, its doubtful well see the return to saddle shoes and penny loafers any time soon. High heels for young girls have become a $4 billion industry, apparently because of a mini-me craze started by Tom Cruises young daughter. At least here in Montana, where fashion and style tend to be more relaxed, theres less pressure to flaunt those spiky shoes. A pair of Keen sandals is perfectly acceptable footwear at most venues in these parts. I like that. Marilyn Monroe is said to have declared: Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Heels may make us look pretty, but to go the distance Ill take a pair of flats any day.
Source: http://www.dailyinterlake.com/opinion/columns/lynnette/article_8d1c243e-1cf2-11e3-97e0-001a4bcf887a.html

Habitat for Humanityhomes make a life changing and permanent difference in each familys life. Habitat for Humanityis a faith based ministry that has been working news to eliminate substandard and inadequate housing in Brevard County Florida since 1985 and relies on local community engagement and participation through cash and in-kind material donations as well as volunteer labor to build affordable homes with families. Habitat home buyers are required to invest a minimum of 200 community service hours called sweat equity as a family which includes first-time homeowner education, building other family partners homes and 100 hours of building their own home. FOR INFORMATION LOG ON TO BrevardHabitat.com A Hit Anne Dirr helps the over 200 guests at the Habitat For Humanity Hard Hats and High Heels Gala event. (SpaceCoastDaily.com image) Lisa Barr and Alison Malone enjoy the Habitat For Humanity Hard Hats and High Heels Gala event. (SpaceCoastDaily.com image) Steve and Terry Anderson at the Habitat For Humanity Hard Hats and High Heels Gala event.
Source: http://spacecoastdaily.com/2013/09/habitat-for-humanity-hard-hats-and-high-heels-gala-tonight/

The newest exercise craze is just your typical fitness class, complete with stretches, sit-ups and stilettos. Heels have such a stigma and Ive made my money in heels, said Kamilah, the one-named wonder behind the high heels-required exercise class, in an interview with ABC News . PHOTOS: High Heels Gone Wild I came straight out of the womb with some high heel pumps, she said. I feel more of myself and I feel even more graceful than being in tennis shoes. Kamilah, a backup dancer for music stars like 50 Cent and R. Kelly and herself a finalist on Foxs So You Think You Can Dance, had the idea to combine her love of heels with her love of exercise.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/health/2013/03/01/high-heel-workout-high-fun-or-high-danger-2/


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