Ask Martha: packing jewelry, keeping linens fresh smelling

[ See Photos of the Egyptian Beads & Other Meteorite Jewels ] “Even 100 years ago, [the beads] attracted attention as being something strange,” Rehren told LiveScience. But without definitive proof of the beads’ cosmic origins, questions persisted over whether similar amounts of nickel could be present in human-made iron . By scanning the iron beads with beams of neutrons and gamma rays, the researchers found high concentrations of cobalt, phosphorous and germanium; these elements were present at levels that only occur in iron meteorites . “It’s really exciting, because we were able to detect sufficient cobalt and germanium in these beads to confirm they’re meteoritic,” Rehren said. “We had assumed this was the case for 100 years, but it’s nice to be able to put an exclamation mark on the label, rather than a question mark.” The X-ray technology also revealed that the beads had been hammered into thin sheets before being meticulously rolled into tubes. “This meteoritic iron, it’s very hard material that you find in lumps, and yet here we see it in thin beads,” Rehren said. “The real question is, how were they made?” Unlike softer and more pliable metals like gold and copper, working with solid iron required the invention of blacksmithing, which involves repeatedly heating metals to red-hot temperatures and hammering them into shape.

But this year, Mielke said she ajust really wanted to do something that was outside the box and unexpected and extraordinary. We wanted to create a screen play.a aWeave always done a runway show, but itas hard to see the jewelry from your seat, even if you have a front-row seat,a she explained. The IMAX screen allowed Hillberg and Berk to aexplode the runway show,a Mielke said, and allow the audience to experience the 134-piece jewelry collection acrystal clear, in high definition.a The launch video was created by Regina-based Play Creative Media. Mielke described the video as aa really cool, artsy, fun, ski-fi. screen play that showcases the jewelry.a In addition to the video screenings, the launch featured a live runway component, with models from the video walking through the theatre, sporting sci-fi hair and makeup, wearing Aurora Lux jewelry designs. The Aurora Lux collection includes everything from winter pastels to winter brights.

Pink Panther jewelry thief arrested in France

Lay each flat inside its own bag, squeeze the air out, and zip the bag shut, leaving only the clasp hanging out the top. (Immobilizing the loop of each piece prevents movement and tangling.) Stack them inside a plastic container. How do I keep my linens smelling fresh when storing them in a closet? Moist air and warm temperatures encourage mildew to grow on organic materials such as cotton and wool, resulting in musty linens. To prevent this, keep the linens in a cool, dry and well-ventilated closet. If you must store them in a bathroom or similarly humid setting, wire shelving will help the items breathe. After a shower or bath, turn on an exhaust fan for at least 20 minutes to dehumidify the room.
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Jewelry runway show explodes on IMAX screen

A staggering euro103 million ($136 million) worth of jewels and diamonds were stolen Sunday from the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes, in one of Europe’s biggest jewelry heists recent years, police said. French Riviera hotel was hosting a temporary jewelry exhibit over the summer of the prestigious Leviev diamond house, which is owned by Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev. (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau) Photo: Lionel Cironneau, Associated Press A view of the Carlton hotel, in Cannes, southern France, Tuesday,…


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