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Do you wear shoes inside?

2. For SXSW, Google created talking shoes to illustrate the power of connected devices with the webs vast amount of data and ability to connect. The shoes acted similarly to other fitness gadgets, such as Nikes Fuel Band, informing wearers about their physical progress through their day. The company is not planning on developing a line of shoes, but took the opportunity to illustrate how hacking the real world could help craft an interesting story online. 3. Adobe hosted their own stunt using the Photoshop software to edit the way people looked as they waited at a bus stop in real time.

Blue is the colour! Hilary Duff matches her top to son Luca’s cobalt shoes as she gushes about her love for husband Mike

I guess the best thing about having a no-shoes rule if I had one is that the shoes would all be near the entry. eta: I do not ask guests to remove their shoes. But most people we know take their shoes off at their houses so it is rare that someone keeps their shoes on. My husband would like to ask guests to remove their shoes, but I think it is rude to ask…he thinks they are rude to wear their shoes inside. Sometimes people ask if they need to take off their shoes…I some times hesitate to answerbecause I am surprised they ask but I say ‘no’ because I figure if they are asking, they do not want to take them off. (Once a friend told me he hated taking his shoes off at people’s houses because his feet always stink,,,I remember that and figure maybe they have stinky feet!) Edited by dbsam – Yesterday at 2:30 pm Select All Posts By This User We don’t have a hard and fast rule about it, but in general we wear shoes outside, and no shoes inside. We have a shoe basket near the door where we all kick our shoes off as we walk in, but if we’re carrying stuff or something it’s no big deal to us to walk through the house with our shoes on and then take them off. I usually ask the kids to put on shoes when they go in the yard to play, but not always. Not during water play, and sometimes I go out barefoot to garden. And if we have people over for a barbecue and there’ll be a lot of in-and-out, everyone just leaves their shoes on.

Talking Shoes And Other Innovations Hacking The Physical World

1 The Highway Patrol says that similar shoes were issued in the with no safety complaints SHARE 6 CONNECT 23 TWEET 1 COMMENTEMAILMORE COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) The union for Ohio troopers says new shoes being issued to them by the State Highway Patrol are unsafe. The footwear, a type of short boot, is in a buckle-and-strap style instead of the lace-up style many troopers prefer. The Columbus Dispatch reports that troopers are complaining the shoes can cause slips and aren’t secure enough when officers run or tussle with people. Troopers are being required to begin wearing the shoes by Nov. 1.

Ohio troopers say new shoes may be safety hazards

Skintight black leggings showed off gym-honed legs, while the Lizzie McGuire actress opted to wear three different tops. A long, tight grey vest peeked out from under the bright blue number, while an orange and grey checked shirt hung casually around her waist. All smiles! Hilary and her little man are often seen laughing and smiling together as they attend play dates around the city Duff wore a cap advertising her loyalty to the LA Dodgers baseball team, and toted Luca on her hip.


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